Episode 1: "I Need Some Help"


Meet Sadie: lover of photography and all things rock and roll. Tonight she’s ready to hit up a new bar, and check out the band En Fuego. Only… she can’t get in, and her “man on the inside” has left her out in the cold.

Featured Artist: En Fuego

En Fuego is a Philly-based band that doesn’t have anything better to do than get together, help everyone put on their dancing shoes, and have a great time with anybody and everybody. Songwriter Joe Reno blends 60′s pop/garage rock, old school power-pop, and ’77 style punk with energy, passion, and a warm blanket of love and kindness. This is good ole down home Rock and Roll, just never on time. New EP, “Gets It Right” out now!

En Fuego

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