• Episode 1: I Need Some Help
  • Episode 2: New Yng Cute
  • Episode 3: Cigarrillo
  • Episode 4: Mama
  • Episode 5: Queen of Mean
  • Episode 6: Shake The Rafters
  • Episode 7: M'Baby
  • Episode 8: Moon & Back
  • Episode 9: Give it a Break

Episode 9: "Give it a Break"

Sadie shares Jared's proposal with Cameron and Nina. Featuring music by: Collisions, Matthew Caringi, and Darby Trials

Featuring: Collisions, Matthew Caringi, and Darby Trials


  • Collisions: "Give it a Break"
  • Matthew Caringi: "Jump the Gun"
  • Darby Trials: "Rear View"

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First Glance Film Festival

Sadie: The Web Series was honored as audience favorite within their category at this years' First Glance Film Festival.

BTS: The Colorfield Theory

Band members of "The Colorfield Theory" talk about their music experiences and their connection with the director of "Sadie"

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Watch one of Episode 8's featured artist Ginger Coyle, as she takes us on a journey to the "Moon & Back".

Music Video: "I Found One"

This is an original music video by Walt Lafty and The Like Magnets. Their song "I Found One" is featured in episode 8, check it out.